Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Jake is outta town this week, so Tom has recruited his good friends from the dearly departed Couch Party Podcast to help him out!

Listen in as Tom, Matt & HAB recount the hedonistic days of their youth, before diving into the latest geek headlines.  Topics covered include whether or not the "Star Wars" franchise is in crisis mode and if Kathleen Kennedy should removed as the head of Lucasfilm, who the hell thinks a Morbius movie is a good idea and can Sony's "Spider-Verse" be saved at this point, and is DC's streaming service gonna be another letdown, and can these old men deal with today's comic book stores?

And, of course, since this is a full blown Couch Party reunion, the show just wouldn't be complete without a look into America's own Thunderdome, as the guys go over bizarre headlines from HAB's adopted homeland of Florida!

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