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Jake is away this week so he can celebrate his 40th birthday.  So Tom decided to break out the big guns:
Joining him once again for this episode is Matt from the dearly departed "Couch Party" podcast, as well as the legendary Ranty Bastard, former host of the greatly missed "Retail Rant".

Today, the guys are delving deep into the internet and are settling the stupidest debates the can find. 

"How stupid?", you ask? 

They're stupid enough to wonder if a hot dog is a sandwich.  They ponder the idea of cereal being a soup.  They even try to figure out whether a baby can be considered a vegan if they're fed breast milk.

Y'see...?  It really does get that stupid.

But it was also a helluva lotta fun.  So hit the play button & get ready to laugh at three supposedly grown men as they argue the merits of proper toilet paper etiquette.


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