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Sorry folks, no new episode this week, as Tom decided to take a week off to celebrate both his birthday & wedding anniversary!

But that doesn't mean there isn't anything new to listen to, as the guys dust off another episode of Wizard Rewind!

On this edition, Tom is joined by Nick from the world famous "Epic Film Guys" podcast, as well as the equally notable "RestauRant" podcast!  He came aboard to crack open Wizard Magazine's 2005 "Mega Movie Issue", featuring stories on the films that turned out to be th estarting point of the current film age we're still witnessing today, including Christopher Nolan's first "Batman" movie, Sam Raimi's third "Spider-Man" movie, and Tom Cruise's upcoming "Iron Man" movie (yes, you read that right).

Be sure to check out Nick's shows wherever finer podcasts are found, as well as Tom & his friend Peter's continuing coverage of Cobra Kai, over on the show "Tv Ate My Brain"!

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