Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Joining Jake and Tom for this very special episode is none other than their good friend and podcasting mentor, Roejen Razorwire, host of the always excellent show "Project: Archivist".

Roe has entrusted the guys to be the custodians of a Project: Archivist tradition, and that's the yearly rundown of the previous year's bizarre news items involving the one subject that no one really ants to talk about.

Stories covered in this episode include the various hijinks from our friendly neighbors to the north, one man's revenge against his boss, how NOT to reintroduce yourself to a childhood friend, the logistics of commercial-grade microwaves, medical emergencies, and an in depth analysis of the average rock band's tour bus.


If you like what you hear in this episode (and why wouldn't you?) & wanna get more from Roe, then check out the show he and his co-host Lobo run over at projectarchivist.podbean.com.

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