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The Drunken Dork Podcast Episode 15: Goodbye, Mister Happy

It never fail to amaze me how celebrities - people we most likely will never meet in real life - Sometimes effect our lives in profound ways.  Our parents, our friends, our family and our loved ones are supposed to be the people who shape our world and the way we look at it.  Yet sometimes, the people who entertain us also contribute to the way we go through life in ways that surpass mere "entertainment".

That's when one of those strangers who we feel have been with us for nearly our whole life passes suddenly, the only word that seems appropriate is "grief".  It's shocking enough when someone like George Carlin has an unexpected heart attack or Christopher Reeve succumbs to the cumulated effects of his injuries. 

But when the world found out that one of the peole who spent most of the last four decades bringing it so much joy suffered from a depression that resulted in him taking his own life, that grief was amplified that much more.

I suppose if there were two things I would want to express in the wake of Robin William's death, it would be

1) If you are suffering from depression, **PLEASE** seek help.  The world is a much better place with you along for the ride.


2) It's my hope that Robin Williams's legacy isn't that of a "tortured artist".  He spent his career making us laugh.  And while I can't claim to have met the man, let alone having known him, it's my belief that he would want us to remember him as someone who made us smile and feel happy to be alive.



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