Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Not gonna lie to ya, folks - This one got away from the guys in all the right ways!  What stated out as a routine discussion quickly spiraled into a discussion the weird time the comic book industry went through in the 90's, recently discovered Easter Eggs in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises (as well as the news regarding how Marvel is planning on bringing the X-Men into their continuity), as well as a whether or not a Stormtrooper is still a Stormtrooper after they take their helmets off.

But without a doubt, the crown jewel in this discussion are the stories Roe shares about his neighborhood.  Everything is here!  From the leather-clad husband & wife arguing in the street & the rider lawnmower drag races to the weekly fistfights and overly excitable interior decorator, this episode has it all folks, and all you gotta do is click "Play"!

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