Jake and Tom Conquer the World

This episode starts out as all of Jake and Tom's episodes do - They talk about drinkin'!  This time around, however, features cautionary tales from Roe describing his misadventures with the dreaded tag team of mead and a "special" Rice Krispy treat!

Along the way, the guys get back to their geek roots by discussing casting rumors surrounding the second season of Disney's "The Mandolorian", whether or not it's even necessary to watch every episode in the "Skywalker Saga" (as well as if there are any redeeming values in"bad" Star Wars movies), the safety rating of Imperial Tie Fighters, the possibility that "Strange New Worlds" might be the project that "Star Trek" fans have been dreaming of, and whether or not our views of "Star Trek" have changed as we've gotten older.

And seeing as the guys have Roe on an episode, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to cover an odd news story!  This time around, it's about a Detroit priest who's chosen a rather... unusual way to serve his flock.

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