Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Jake and Tom are finishing what they started two episodes ago and are wrapping up their full review of WandaVision.  Only this time, they're bringing back their pals John and Roe from the podcast, "Old Nerds Drinking"!

After Roe unfortunately steps out to recover from an illness, the remaining dorks break down their thoughts on the show.  Namely, they discuss how the show lived up to the expectations put forth by both the creators as well as an overabundance of fan theories,  how the guys may (or may not) have been prepared for the series based on their comics fandom, what they think the success of the show means for the future of the MCU (as well as entertainment as a whole), as well as how this show succeeded where Marvel's recent programs failed in the past.

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Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson, Roejen Razorwire & John Patrick

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