Jake and Tom Conquer the World

After more than two years of being away, Jake and Tom have FINALLY returned to the Motor City Comic Con, and the guys are here to tell you exactly what went down that weekend!  Listen in as your favorite drunken dorks tell you about:

•The Proper Way to Drink a Doc Ock

•A Brief Recap of Jake and Tom's History at the Motor City Comic Con

•The New Setup Seen at This Year's Show, Particularly in Regards to Comic Sketch Art

•Jake and Tom Tell Dan Jurgens the Same Story For a Third Time

•Tom "Fanboy's Out" While Meeting His Favorite Writer/Artist Team

•Jake and Tom's First "VIP Experience"

•Tom Laments the Loss of Bootleg VHS Tapes

•The Guys Make a Dramatic About Face In Regards to a Long Held Comic Con Opinion

•Tom Shoehorns a Goal For the Show Into the Episode


•Jake and Tom's Retirement Plans


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