Jake and Tom Conquer the World

For the final week of their takeover episodes, Jake and Tom welcome The Green Korean and Octopus Caveman, former hosts of the dearly departed "The DAVE Podcast"! Listen in as they discuss the last year's worth of comic book related TV & film projects, the best milk found on the internet, as well as an insider's view on life as a mall Santa!

You're highly recommended to listen to these guys on "The DAVE Podcast", as well as the Green Korean's flagship show "Faces and Aces: Las Vegas" and Octopus Caveman's shows "Getting F***ed Up With Octopus Caveman", "Popcorn With Candy", "Alternate Endings" and "Groundhog Daily", as well as his various musical projects.


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Copyright 2016 The Green Korean and Octopus Caveman

Intro By HAB

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