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The Drunken Dork Podcast Episode 57: Fear the Walking Muppets - A "Before & After" Review

Summer 2015 is officially behind us. And with the changing of the season comes an avalanche of new shows, as well as returning favorites.

First up, Jake & Tom use their "Before & After" format to talk about the debut of one of their most anticipated shows: The Muppets. Moving on, they're joined by Travis to discuss other shows, such as Gotham, Dr Who, the return of Heroes, everything that's happening on Fear the Walking Dead (or lack thereof), as well as all of the latest nerdy news.

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Copyrighright 2015 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & Travis Adle

Sound Effects Courtesy of http://freesfx.co.uk

Recorded September 22 & 27, 2015

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