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The Drunken Dork Podcast Episode 82: Doom Comes to Town

Joining Tom & Travis is a long time friend of the show know by the name of Doktor Doom!  After amazing the guys with the greatest name of any beer ever, Doom leads the guys on some great topics, such as:

Is There a "Marvel Formula"?

Are Genre Fans Impossible to Please?

Is a Faithful Adaptation of "Preacher" Even Possible?

How Many Ways Can the American Film Industry Annoy the British?

Will the Animated Adaptation of "The Killing Joke" Lead to More Controversy Than What DC Comics is Counting On?

Why Are the Studios Still Refusing to Stick to the Source Material?

How Would Dok Doom Make a "Fantastic Four" Movie?

What Should Dok Watch on TV?

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Copyright 2016 Thomas Coe, Travis Adle & Mo Baig

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Recorded on March 14th, 2016

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