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What you're about to listen to this week is something special.

Literally for YEARS now, Tom has been wanting to produce a podcast dedicated to the now defunct Wizard Magazine, but due to time and scheduling issues, he just never had the chance.

And then along comes one of Jake and Tom's partners in internet radio, The PodFix Network.

They needed content to fill their weekly show, "PodFix Presents", and not wanting to let the opportunity pas by, Tom leaped at the chance to finally pursue his passion project.

And here it is:  The first in a six part season of "Wizard Rewind", in which your hosts are joined by fellow PodFixer Chris (of the excellent podcast, More Gooder Than) to look back on and discuss Wizard Issue 36.


Topic in the magazine range from then-upcoming books from Joe Quesada's Event Comics, the beginning of Marvel's "Spider Clone" saga, behind the scenes news on the movie that became "Batman Forever", as well as a hidden surprise in the letter column.

Now - after you finish listening to this episode, head on over to www.podfixnetwork.com to catch the rest of this season of Wizard Rewind, and more importantly, the rest of the networks lineup!  There, you'll find all kinds of great shows to cover all of your pop culture needs!


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