Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Like most everyone else who pays attention to pop culture, Jake and Tom have been eagerly anticipating the release of the new version of Stephen King's "It".  

Well...  at least Tom has.  

For deeply personal reasons, Jake has been nervous about it for quite some time.  Y'see, for Jake, it represents a lotta childhood fears that he's still coming to grips with.

For Tom, however, it represents a prime opportunity to bust his best friend's balls over said childhood fears.

So listen in as your favorite drunken dorks meet up on the eve of the film's release to discuss what they're hoping for before they watch it, and continue listening through the break as they meet back up after having watched it to hear their thoughts on the final product.

Did it meet their expectations?  Did it live up to their memories of the Made-For-Television cult favorite?  Did Jake make it through the screening without peeing himself?  All this, and more, can be found out by pressing "Play"!


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