Jake and Tom Conquer the World
The Drunken Dork Podcast Episode 49: Drunky Kong

Better late than never, right...?
Anyways, in this latest offering, the Drunken Dorks share with you the pre-release reviews of the Fantastic Four reboot (as well as Jake's expectations of what his viewing experience will be), Channing Tatum's temper tantrum over his Gambit gig, their feelings on the Ghostbusters reboot, and the most mind blowing teaser to a teaser the world has yet seen.  

All this and they also discuss Tom's latest culinary misadventure, the latest entry to one of the dorks' hate list & and the finally settle on the name to their heavy metal tribute band.

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Copyright 2015 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & Travis Adle

Music Courtesy of Jackson F. Smith, via http://fremusicarchive.org/

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Recorded August 03, 2015

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