Jake and Tom Conquer the World
Episode 20: Spotlight on George Carlin

Joining your favorite would-be-despots for their latest episode is their returning guest & lifelong friend, Scott Edwards.  The show starts off on rocky ground, as Tom somehow manages to survive massive technical difficulties (as well as the possible marital fallout as a result).  After that, the guys delve head first into the growing international problem of prowling clowns, as well as the crimefighter trying to stop them we neither need, nor deserve. 

Afterwards, the guys discuss one of their genuine heroes, the late comedian, George Carlin.  They explain how Carlin impacted their lives & outlook on the world, as well as their thoughts on his brand new album, "I Kinda Like it When a Lotta People Die".


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Copyright 2016 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & D. Scott Edwards

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