Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Rising from the ashes of... well, the shitshow that was 2020 - Jake and Tom are back with what they promise will be a run of new episodes!  Launching this new batch, the guys are teaming up with their friends from the great show, "Old Nerds Drinking", starring John Patrick and honorary Drunken Dork, Rojen Razorwire (known primarily for the show "Project: Archivist").

"Why did they bring on the extra people?", you might ask?  To talk about the biggest show to rock the world of geekdom and provide one of our few collective bright spots from the past twelve months: The Mandalorian!

Listen in to the first of a two-part discussion as the guys break down the entire second season, discuss their theories, and breakdown the drinks that are breaking down their livers!

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