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Due to technical difficulties (also known as Tom broke his computer), the guys are having to delve into the archives for this new episode.  And as such, they pulled out everyone's favorite archivist, Roejen Razorwire!  But first, a little background.

This episode was originally recorded a full year prior to its release in the spring of 2020.  And it started out with every intention of reviewing the back half from the fourth season of "Rick and Morty".  But, well, the spirits were flowing, and the three drunken dorks decided to let the conversation go where it wanted to.

So listen in as the guys make fun of each others drinks of choice, tease the possible return of one of the guys' favorite segments of the podcast, feeling hesitant to return to movie theaters so soon after lockdown ended, Roe's encounter with a "Karen in the Wild" while returning all of the empty bottles he accumulated while in quarantine, the difficulties of dealing with people accustomed to instant gratification that were then having to get used to wait for stuff, as well as Tom's role as his office's "COVID Bouncer".


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