Jake and Tom Conquer the World

Every once and awhile, Tom tries to expand Jake's cinematic horizons by introducing him to movies he might not otherwise watch.  Every once and awhile, such as the time he had Jake watch "The Shawshank Redemption", Jake discovers a movie he greatly enjoys.  Usually, though, he ends up cursing Tom out for making him waste an hour and a half of his life, such as when they reviewed "They Live".


This time around, however, Tom has recruited friend of the show HAB (formerly of the Couch Party Podcast), to convince Jake why he should appreciate the dark Western, "Bone Tomahawk".  This movie is filled with thing Jake loves: Gunslingers, Heroes & Damsels in Distress, all with a light touch of horror. 


Did Tom finally find another movie that Jake will like, or will Jake wanna leap through his microphone & box Tom's ears?  You"ll only find out if you listen...


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Copyright 2017 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & HAB

Intro By HAB

Cover Art By Villain Archives

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