Jake and Tom Conquer the World

This very special episode features not only the vocal talents of Mister Rojen Razorwire, but it was also produced by the podcasting legend himself!

Roe has bequeathed the fellas Project Archivist's annual "Fast Food Follies" episode.  And in addition to learning the dangers of stealing one of Jake's McNuggets or (even worse) forgetting his spicy mustard, the fellas discuss the following: 

A Florida Man Smashes Hot Pizza Into His Father's Face Upon Discovering He Helped in His Birth

Another Florida Man Smashes a Taco Bell Burrito Into His Wife's Face During an Argument

Yet Another Florida Man is Arrested for Smashing a Cheeseburger Into the Face of His Sleeping Girlfriend

A South Carolina McDonald's Employee Assaults Their Manager With Crispy Bacon

Yet Another Florida Man Attacks the Mother of His Child With Sweet and Sour Sauce Because She Brought Him the Wrong Meal From McDonald's

A Connecticut Woman a Pregnant McDonald's Worked Over a "Messed Up" McChicken Sandwich And Proceeds to Make Her Own

An Upset McDonald's Employee Hits a Coworker in the Face With a Cheeseburger For Working Too Slowly

The World's Biggest Ketchup Fan Storms a McDonald's Kitchen Because She Didn't Get Enough Packets

An Oregon Woman is Arrested For Pouring Liquor Down a Taco Bell Worker's Throat

A Tennessee Woman Assaults a McDonald's Manager With a Stun Gun and Proceeds to Drag Him Out of the Drive-Thru Window

A Man Pulls a Gun On a Popeyes Worker Over a Condiment Clash

A Memphis Woman Pulls a Gun on a McDonald's Employee Because She Received Ketchup Instead of Jelly

And finally, the guys accidentally discover the legend of the Wereseagull!!

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Copyright 2020 Thomas Coe, Jacob Wilson & Roejen Razorwire - Intro By HAB - Cover Art By Villain Archives

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