Jake and Tom Conquer the World

After an absence of several years, Jake and Tom are thrilled to welcome their globe trotting friend Jon Stump back to the show.  For the episode, the guys decided to forgo the idea of having "a topic" in favor have just letting the conversation take them where it wanted.  Listen in as the guys delve into tangents such as: 

• How Jake and Tom still can't wrap their heads around how time zones work.

• Jon's sudden (and unwilling) decision to become a "food minimalist".

• Their experiences with weight loss.

• The challenge of living in areas of the country that aren't used to dealing with snowstorms.

• Jake's son "takes one for the team" and provides him with a much needed quarantine.

• The guys' initial impression of Amazon's "Invincible" series.

• Tom's compulsion to buy "prestige editions" of comic books.

• The guys miss comic cons.

• Anticipation for "The Suicide Squad".

• Jake discovers that he's from a parallel universe.

• Tom's surprise visit up to Tom's house.

• Jake is mainlining all of "Star Trek" as fast as humanly possible.

• Jon's stories about being in Vietnam as the world was entering into lockdown.


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