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The Drunken Dork Podcast Episode 16: Guilty Pleasures

This is an interesting episode in that I honestly thought it was lost.  It was originally recorded in January of 2014, while we here in Lower Michigan were still digging our way out of the storm that has come to be known as "Snowmageddon".  Shortly after recording it, I was editing it on my desktop when the computer suddenly died.  I told my fellow dorks that the episode was gone with the computer, and we all decided to move on.


Flash forward eight months, and I have a new lapptop hooked up to an older external hard drive I hadn't used in a few months and I found a backup of this episode that I had completely forgotten about.

Unfortunately, the audio leaves a little to be desired.  However, in my opinion this is one of our funnier episodes and there are enough gems in it to warrant publishing it, warts and all.


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